My Heart Belongs to Data

Data is vital for small businesses to grow and sustain. It’s now second nature to give your information to make a purchase or even to ask a question of a retailer or manufacturer. So why won’t small businesses make it a procedure to ask too?  “…The tools for big data have never been better than they … Read more

Harvard Doesn’t Teach This….

“They don’t teach you this at Harvard Business School, but it’s all about people.”– James Koch, Co-founder and Chairman of Sam Adams People skills, soft skills, social skills whatever you choose to call it, is that “X” factor that works to create relationships. I don’t know about Harvard’s curriculum but the power of a high“EQ” … Read more

Roadblocks? What Roadblocks?

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other one thing.” Abraham Lincoln Lincoln is a great example of someone who failed, failed and finally succeeded!  He was resolved to keep tackling the barriers that held him back….and he had many.  It makes good sense to identify those … Read more

Serendipitous Success

“You don’t have to schedule serendipity. It just happens.” -Jack Dorsey One of my favorite words is serendipity!  It is elusive and so exciting to run across.  Often I will meet someone  or hear a story on the radio and it will just the right resource for the next person I meet…sometimes it takes me … Read more