Tiffany Eis- Motivational Speaker

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January 22, 2016
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January 22, 2016

Tiffany Eis- Motivational Speaker

Three years after nearly dying on her 30th birthday, Tiffany Eis begins sharing her tragic story of drug abuse and her brush with death.

Preparing for her 30th birthday celebration, Eis went to take a bath and that is all she remembers.

Fearing she had overdosed on illegal drugs, Eis’ boyfriend had left her for dead. Eis’ body floated in the bathtub for two days, until a friend stopped by to check on her.

When Eis arrived at the University of Missouri-Columbia Medical Center hospital she was in critical condition. The result of her not caring for her personal health was two strokes, both legs amputated below the knee and an Aortic Heart Valve Replacement.

Eis has recovered from her injuries and started a motivational speaking business in Hiawatha. She speaks to different organizations about overcoming personal barriers to success, helping create communities that are drug free, creating positive behavior changes, and how the decisions you make impact your family and friends.
“If it weren’t for enterprise facilitation I never would have known how to start. Janet Miller, the Northeast Kansas Enterprise Facilitator, helped me compose a business plan and create a strategy for my business. I am happy to report that I have already exceeded my projected income, Eis stated.”

For more information on Eis, visit her Facebook page.

Teresa McAnerney
I grew up in St. Joseph, Mo and graduated from Missouri Western State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in social psychology. I was raised in a very entrepreneurial household, my father ran his own business and both sets of my grandparents were self employed! Favorite quote: "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, it is the stuff life is made of" - Benjamin Franklin I've loved that quote forever, I guess that is why I am committed to living in the now and enjoying life to the fullest with an attitude of gratitude.

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